Qianbaihui | Take dreams as horses, live up to the youth--authorization ceremony


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Youth is picturesque, living up to the years,

On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day,

All members of the Qianbaihui organization are in the conference room on the second floor

Held the signing and authorization ceremony of the annual target responsibility letter

First of all, Yu Jinchang, the general manager of the company, made a speech and made a statement,

It is mentioned that signing the target responsibility letter is a pragmatic work measure of the company,

Emphasize that the company will continue to pursue quality,

Strengthen the overall operation management of the company,

I hope everyone can realize the importance of signing the target responsibility letter.

Next, the host starts to read out the text of the power of attorney,

The heads of each department signed the annual target responsibility letter,

The entire signing ceremony took place in a solemn and tense atmosphere.

After the signing ceremony,

All employees are full of passion and confidence,

Guarantee to go all out to complete the work tasks throughout the year.

Take dreams as horses, live up to the youth

Happiness is a struggle

Do not forget the original intention, take advantage of the momentum

With more fighting spirit, more high fighting spirit

Go hand in hand and move forward.